When you browse the polls about countries with the most beautiful women in the world, Russia and Ukraine will be always within the top 10. Actually, they often fight over the first position. "I've never seen so many beautiful girls at one place. You literally meet them in the street," an American tourist described his impression when visiting Kiev.

And he's definitely not the only one who stares at Eastern beauties with open mouth. You can just look at the comments next to the Russian girls’ pictures on Instagram. "Ughh, I rather go away from here..." - "Yeah, I feel the same way, buddy."

In fact, you'll find beautiful women all over the Eastern Europe. How is it possible there are so many?

The secret lies in their Slavic roots. Slavic body shape means wider hips and bigger breasts, and that's something that's traditionally playing on male sexual desire, as these specific female proportions promise fertility. Although these girls may look a bit chubbier than models from the Western world, their chubbiness sits on the right spots.

And they don't need to be even models to look good. That's why you see them everywhere.

The popularity of Eastern girls got raised even more by many dating websites that pull money out of heartbroken American men, by promising that such a Russian sex goddess won't be so awfully feministic as their ex;  she will be always loyal and caring. Well, we can guess it's just an advertisement trick. But it doesn't change the fact the Eastern girls are really gorgeous.