Many statistics prove that women are safer drivers and gender jokes are therefore irrelevant. A British research even showed that ladies can eventually park their car better than men - it just takes them a bit longer. Apart of that, men in US are three times more likely to get fined for reckless driving, driving under the influence and not wearing their seat belt.

A small look up into the history reveals that producers of the very first automobiles never intended to market their products as an exclusively male matter.

  • The first huge promotion of female driving is credited to Alice Ramsey who drove across the United States from New York to San Francisco in 1909, accompanied by other three young women who couldn't drive at all. Their transcontinental journey took 59 days and they used a map (!) as their main navigation. And they made it.
  • When Henry Ford opened Phoenix Mill in 1922, he offered job positions to widows and single women. The female employees received the same salaries as men “so they could dress attractively and get married.”
  • In 1943 Helene Rother became the first female automotive designer by joining the interior styling staff of General Motors.
  • And finally in 1955 Dodge introduced the La Femme, a pink, two-door coupe designed especially for women, with accessories adjusted to female needs: a compact powder, comb, lipstick case, change purse and also cigarette case and a lighter.

Women made it even into the racing, but generally, when choosing a car, they are reportadly more after the safety than after the speed. That's also probably a reason why they pay less insurance. And yes, car industry desperately needs women. Without beautiful girls standing next to the shiny engines, the car producers wouldn't be able to beat their competitors. Women are the main part of their marketing strategy. Our gallery explains the rest.