When you see pictures of fitness girls posing in g-strings and revealing tops, you can hardly believe they really do their workout dressed like this. A slightly wrong movement will show everything! Let's say it straight up. Someone goes to gym to exercise, someone goes there to take selfies.

Fitness motivation photos are taken with intention to raise the girl's popularity on social networks and extend her modeling portfolio. They require a completely different styling than a real workout. High heels look obviously hot only on photography. If you go to the gym to exercise, leave them at home. A firm, perfectly fitting pair of shoes with ample ankle and arch support should be the base of your gym style.

On other side, elastic apparel is necessary. A loose, stretched-out shirt won't allow you to check your body moves and it can get even stuck in some of the machines. A top capable to handle sweat plus shorts or yoga pants will be the best choice.

No matter if your cups are B or D, a sports bra is essential. It keeps the boobs at their place and gives them support during hard workout. If you want to drag more attention to your upper curves, pick a sports bra in neon color and let it shine through a light top.