This is something we don't see in talent competitions that often: a blond bombshell, dressed in a black latex corset and high boots, ready to dance around the pole. When Anastasia Sokolova appeared on the stage of Ukraine's Got Talent, the judges were smiling and older ladies in audience were closing their eyes. In next moment, everybody was stunned. Instead of watching a cheap strip club show, they witnessed an amazing acrobatic performance. Anastasia was rewarded with standing ovations and made it to the final.

The best of all is, she didn't get her experience in erotic night clubs. "Couple of years ago I watched a video of an Australian dancer. I said to myself, God, I wish I could dance like her," Anastasia said in one of her YouTube videos. Today it's her who is inspiring others. "I get letters from lots of people saying they are starting with pole dance because they watched my video. That makes me really happy."

Thanks to the pioneers as Anastasia the pole dance became a recognized sport discipline that can be learned in the gym along with yoga and gymnastics.