Feminists may protest by saying women shouldn't be pushed into the traditional role of a housewife that's tied up to the kitchen. But nobody is pushed into anything. The truth is, there are girls that love cooking. And there are also lots of men that can still appreciate it.

Home-made food tastes better, that's a fact. What's even more important, you know what you eat. You use more natural ingredients and less chemical additives. And you can develop your imagination by creating dishes nobody made before you. Cooking is fun and healthy.

If you look at the girls in our gallery, you will surely agree that a woman doesn't need to be labeled as a boring housewife just because she loves preparing food. She can be beautiful, sexy and you can see she's also intelligent because she's interested in healthy eating. And there's no doubt she'll be able to keep her man - be honest, guys, if you had one of these at home, would you ever feel like going elsewhere?