Since Instagram became a great opportunity how to get attention of the whole world, some girls are willing to go really far when exposing their sexy curves. More they show, more clicks they get. A simple tactic that's often violating the social network's rules. Instagram officially bans "nudity" and even "partial nudity". But in some cases nobody can exactly say what is still ok and what is too much.

For example glamour model Elle Johnson (in gallery) had her Instagram account disabled twice earlier this year. The second ban made her so cross that she decided to complain openly in media. "It’s weird but the guidelines don’t allow only some photos of female nipples. So some nipples are okay and others aren’t?" she said.

As Instagram recently explained in a statement, nudity is acceptable if it comes to art, meaning pictures of paintings and statues, and you can also show breastfeeding and mastectomy scars.

But Elle Johnson still believes other girls are revealing much more without ever being banned. She keeps fighting for women's rights to express their bodies and runs her own campaign 'free the cleavage'.