Many young girls torture themselves with diets, hoping that a skinny body will bring them a great modeling career. And then you see Emily Skye who did the opposite. She gained 13 kilograms and became happier, healthier - and also more successful.

31-year-old Australian beauty used to be obsessed with being thin as many other girls who were trying to enter the fashion world. Weighing just 47kg, she was comparing herself to the bony models from the magazines, without ever being happy with her body and herself.

“I was starving myself and was really unhealthy and unhappy. I suffered depression and had terrible body image,” Emily admitted. "I was either trying to be perfect, which as we all know doesn’t exist, or I was trying to be like someone else.”

Emily's misery came to the end when she met her boyfriend Declan who was also a fitness instructor and who helped her to change her mindset. She finally started eating and swapped cardio workouts for weight lifting.

“I LOVE having muscle and I feel more confident than ever,” says Emily who is now enjoying great incomes from her social network profiles. Only her Instagram page is followed by 2 million people which is an amount high enough to attract various advertisers.