A tattoo is part of your body and it'll be part of it for many years ahead, so we usually try to choose such a picture that expresses our personality. If you think about the symbol the girl is wearing on her skin, you can make a certain assumption about her character.


Flower designs are lately very popular among young women. Flowers express femininity, a gentle personality and sense of beauty.


We often see them decorating shoulders of very young girls that'd love to fly into the world. They're not scared of new beginnings and they usually need lots of freedom.


Each animal represents a different symbol. Such a cat, for example, expresses independence, a lizard stands for mental flexibility, a snake can mean inner strength and ability to get over hard times.

Zodiac Signs

If a girl decides to tattoo her zodiac sign on her body, we can expect she's identifying herself with its characteristics. In that case, you deal with a "really impulsive Arian" or a "stunning passionate Scorpion girl".