French women are elegant, irresistible - and definitely not easy. It's quite a hard job to raise their attention, so if you're looking for a quick summer flirt, go to Spain instead. However, if you really want to experience a love story in French style, get inspired by following tips:

1. French women do a lot for their appearance. They seem not to do much, but that's the trick - staying in shape, dressing stylish and using the right cosmetics is so natural to them that they do it automatically without talking about it. A man that approaches a French lady should also look decent. So take your socks out of the sandals, gentlemen, and don't forget a quality perfume!

2. A French woman will understand you're a foreigner and you don't speak French. But you should at least show your interest in her language and convince her you're busy learning. French women are very proud of their culture and they might be even willing to give you free lessons. Isn't it a nice opportunity to make a contact?

3. Watch out, she is very intelligent and sophisticated. Before going to your date, learn a chapter of French history and impress her with some knowledge. Your intelligence will do a better job than your perfect body and loaded wallet.

4. Do you have a special hobby, can you play piano, did you study paelontology? Then you have a triumph in your hands. French women love men they can admire.

5. Please, stay decent. The questions like "Is it true that French people eat frogs?" or "Why aren't you wearing a short skirt, you've got stunning legs!" are inappropriate. Also, don't push for anything. French women don't want to be percieved as sexual objects, so rather pretend you're not after sex at all.